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Hello my name is Brent Keath and this is my website. The purpose of this website is to tell anyone who is interested more about who I am and what I have done so far in life. You might be a friend, future employer, curious coworker, or nosy neighbor. Well, whoever you are, I hope this website answers any questions you might have. And, when you’re ready, you can easily get in touch with me.

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My numbers speak for themselves:

My first app got more than


downloads within 3 months (with no ads).

My first online game had more than



active users (and I was only 12!).

I have performed on stages with more than



audience members.

In addition to all of that I have also launched more than a dozen mobile apps and websites, managed small teams (both personally and online) on many projects, and learned various programming languages and technical tools.
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About Me


Hello! My name is Brent Keath. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and an M.B.A. in IT Management.  I am an app developer, website designer, and game inventor. I live by the golden rule: “Treat others as you wish to be treated.” I have not only managed but been part of numerous teams throughout my life. My goal professionally is to be part of a company where I can help people while personally improving my own skills and well-being. I also love to have fun and make people laugh.


Check out all of the projects I have completed! Rather than hearing me talk about each of them, click the links below to go to the project itself! And, if you have any questions about a project, or want a reference from someone who helped me on a particular project let me know.


Here are two examples of some extra references from people I have worked with:

Throughout my time working with Brent, I have learned that he is a creative and very hard working individual. He is always willing to give himself challenges to overcome, setting goals for himself, and seeing them both through to completion. I do not believe that I have come across any other individual who works on so many different projects at the same time, and is organized enough to complete them all, and with such a high standard of quality.


-Justin Mallozzi
Resident Assistant at Eastern University

Brent is an absolutely excellent person to work with. He’s timely, clearly knowledgeable in web design and development, and very helpful. When I needed a project finished on a deadline, I could rest assured with the knowledge that Brent would complete the web component of it with the highest quality. And sure enough, he did. I have been enormously impressed with Brent’s initiative and creativity, and he has been a great resource to our team.


-Abigail Storch
Adorans Undergraduate Academic Journal Editor